California Lien Sale Processing

Any person or business storing a vehicle or vessel in California subject to lien can file their own lien sale documents with the California DMV, or they can hire any licensed California DMV Registration Service to process the paperwork on their behalf.

What does a lien agent acting on behalf of the lienholder do?

The lien agent gathers information from the lienholder, and then accesses the California DMV vehicle database to request a vehicle record.  Depending on the category of the lien being processed, the agent sends applications to DMV, schedules sale dates, advertises sales when appropriate, mails notices, and produces completed DMV documents.  The lien sale documents are then delivered to the lienholder, and this is where the involvement of the agent ends.  The lienholder conducts the public sale on their property on the scheduled sale date and time.

California Lien Agents Association